Welcome Friends, Family and Clients


We Love Technology.  In 2010 we fired our hard line phone, and in 2011 we are rebuilding our personal website, hoping to achieve better communication with everyone.  This site will contain pictures, drama and tragedy throughout the year.  Feel free to continue with email, as we will probably fire the postman soon also.

Have fun!


New news (1/9/2011):  Car break ins in the 'hood.  Looks like someone came through a couple nights ago looking for unlocked cars.  One got stolen.  We keep ours locked, with clubs. 

Lots of sightings of a pair of coyotes.  Mom is doing less well this past week.  Hands are closed and stiff, speaking is softer still, and much more confused.  Eating is not going well.  She is unsure how to use the utensils, and get things into her mouth.  We are lifting her now, at all times, to and from the wheelchair.

Katie moving out end of month.


Last updated: 01-24-2011